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• 8/17/2018

Will Keiichi and Nozomi end up together?!

I have a blog and a perplexing question that has bothered me for sooo long and I want to get to the bottom of it. But of course I need different peoples opinions so it can all add up.

So my question is: Will Nozomi and Keiichi end up together??
Because I know there is no right or wrong answer and while answering it must be based on opinions and evidence because I like, LOVEEE Nijiiro Days (Anime + manga) but I realise that Nozomi and Keiichi have some sort of ON and OFF switch going on in their relationship (as friends?).
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• 8/17/2018

What couple is the most sweetest?

Well in the Nijjiiro Days poll, it is naturally stated that Mattsun and Mari are the most favourited couple but I wouldn't say the most sweetest as Mattsun is sweet towards Mari but she is just aggressive and sharp mouthed although there are times when she can be cute and cuddly with Mattsun.
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• 12/2/2016
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