Aya Ohno (大野 アヤ Ōno Aya?) is a minor character of the Nijiiro Days series. She was in the same middle school as Natsuki Hashiba and is a senior of his, and she is also a junior to his sister.

Appearance Edit

Aya is depicted as a teenage girl who is attractive with fair skin. She has straight and short chestnut-brown hair which reaches down to about her shoulders. She wears her bangs in a middle part and sports two clips at the side of her head. She also has some freckles on her nose.

Personality Edit

She seemed to be a kind and considerate girl as she was friendly towards Natsuki. She was also seen to be quite easy-going and for the most part quite cheerful with a sassy side to her. However, she was seen being a little blunt as she told Imagawa that his face was kind of terrible.

Background Edit

Aya Ohno was in her last year in middle school when Natsuki entered his first year in middle school. They were friends beforehand as Aya was a friend and junior of his older sister, and she was also the one who convinced Natsuki to join the tennis club. After Imagawa confessed to her, she turned him down as she didn't think he was cute as Natsuki, which caused a strained relationship with Imagawa and Natsuki from there on.

It is unknown what happened to Aya after that, but it is now presumed that she attends college.

Relationships Edit

Natsuki Hashiba Edit

Aya is friendly towards Natsuki and sees him as a cute junior. She was the one who convinced him to join the tennis club in middle school since she claimed it was a lot of fun and at times checked up on him at club practices. She also looked after him and made sure Imagawa, who was a member of the same club, didn't bully him. After Imagawa confessed to her, Aya said that she would only consider it if his face was as cute as Natsuki's.

Imagawa Edit

Imagawa and Aya were in the same year in middle school and could be considered friends, although Aya didn't really see him as a really close on. She made sure that he didn't bully Natsuki and was a good senior to him. After he confessed to her that he really liked her, she was hesitant and didn't want to reject him until Natsuki accidentally saw them, in which she said she would only consider it his face was as cute as Natsuki's, since she thought his face looked terrible and scary. Though she didn't want to make him offended, she just ran away laughing after that.



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