Kaori Chiba (千葉 香織 Chiba Kaori?) is a supporting characters of the Nijiiro Days series. She is Natsuki Hashiba's classmate and the captain of the volleyball team.

Appearance Edit

Chiba is a beautiful girl with a slim and very tall build. She has short, straight dark blue hair which is lower-chin length. She wears her bangs in a middle part and she has marron-colored eyes. Chiba is often depicted in her school uniform and is occasionally seen wearing golden-colored loop-earring.

Personality Edit

She is an outgoing girl, who is kind hearted towards others and gets along well with her teammates who all love her very much as she inspires them to work harder. She is an idol for the girls as she can act as a man-ly type of figure for the girls when she cosplayed for her class during the cultural festival.

Relationships Edit

Taizo Sanada

Her and Taizo are both team captains as well as model students for other students who are into sports and so.

She is good friends with him and have a strong bond, due to that it is sometimes hinted that she blushes quite often when she is around him.

When her lucky ball that she got from all her teammates went lost, he helped her look for it along with, Natsuki, Mattsun, Tsuyopon and Keiichi and out of all of them he managed to find it himself.

Later she begins dating Taizo on the manga, Chapter 55 when Taizo says that they were walking home from cram school and the question just popped out because they felt that they should just start dating already like its "destiny".

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  • She is the tallest female in the series, standing at 173 cm.

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