Masaomi Tsutsui (筒井 昌臣 Tsutsui Masaomi?) is Mari Tsutsui's older brother by eight years. He is a minor character in the Nijiiro Days series.


Masaomi a tall, good-looking young man with average build. He has brown, short, pulled back hair, often wearing sunglasses on top of his head, with purple eyes like Mari. He also has a mole near his nose, and a little beard on his chin.


He is a very caring man, especially towards his family and younger sister. At the same time, he is also very laid-back, having it easy to befriend people. He also thought that Tomoya Matsunaga was Mari's boyfriend, and was happy over the statement when Mattsun confirmed this, though Mari denied this. As a adult now, Masaomi thinks it's actually nice being a teenager, even getting embarrassed about it, when Mattsun told him about her feelings about Mari.[1] According to Mattsun, Masaomi is a really kind and nice guy, in contrast to his younger sister, Mari.


Masaomi and Mari were really close siblings in their younger days. According to Masaomi himself, he spoiled Mari rotten, making her slightly selfish as a result. Masaomi deeply cherished her younger sister and would take of her since their parents would usually work. Mari, in return, loved him just as much, to the point she wanted to marry him, as she was always sticking by his side. When Mari was in middle school, Masaomi married a woman and moved out when he was 22, leaving Mari thinking that she had been betrayed. Ever since, according to Masaomi, Mari has been in a "rebellious" state.



Mari TsutsuiEdit

Mari is Masaomi's younger sister. Miasma cares deeply for his little sister and vice versa. He often checks on her and brings her good. Mari loved Masaomi so much that she said she wanted to marry him. He is probably the reason why Mari hates guys in the first place. He often checks on her and brings her good. In episode 17, Mari was sick and Masaomi took her home from school. He also brought her some food and left back to his home.

Tomoya MatsunagaEdit


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