Shinsuke Nezu (根津 慎之助 Nezu Shinsuke?) is a minor character in the Nijiiro Days series. He is a member of the basketball club and is classmates with Taizo Sanada and friends with Natsuki Hashiba and his gang. His nickname is Nezucchi.

Appearance Edit

Nezu is a young man with a tall frame. He has short, messy, light brown hair which is a bit darker at the ends with short messy bangs. He has small, sharp black eyes and at times furrowed eyebrows, which gives the impression that he's annoyed or troubled. He is often seen with a standard Seiryou High School uniform for boys.

Personality Edit

Nezu is a stubborn and impatient young man who is also considerate and passionate. He is an honest man and says the things that are on his mind, but comes off as very competitive and short-tempered.

Background Edit

Nezu was born and raised in the Hyōgo Prefecture which is why he speaks in Kansai-dialect. He lived there until his second year in junior high, but thereafter he moved due to his parents work.

Relationships Edit

Taizo Sanada Edit

Taizo is Nezu's classmate. They seem to be close friends and are regurarly seen by each others side.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • He has been to Osaka several times.
  • He is not a morning person.

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